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iHeart (2021)

Drugs, drugs, drugs. Almost everyone uses them. Almost everyone has an opinion about them. Drug policy pioneer Ethan Nadelmann gets to the bottom of our strange relationship to drugs by talking with those who love them, hate them, and study them. We’d love to hear your stories and ideas. Send us a note at or leave a voicemail at 1-833-PSYCHO-0 (1-833-779-2460).

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The War on Drugo
Global Commission on Drug Policy (2014)

In a fairytale setting, the movie explains the disastrous war on drugs by telling the story of a dragon banished from an ancient kingdom, and how people that spent time with the dragon were thrown in jail.

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Catholic, Jewish, Protestant Religious Leaders Speak Out Against “The War on Drugs”

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Cops and Church Groups Confront the War on Drugs

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