Prayer vigil

Non-Violent Protests in Chicago

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Racial Inequality

By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp Since the release of a video showing Laquan McDonald being gunned down by police in the streets of Chicago, the atmosphere in the city has been a mixture of disbelief, tension, and even fear.  But at the same time, something remarkable has happened.  Public demonstrations have been peaceful. The protesters, though determined, have conducted themselves with discipline and restraint.

The New Jim Crow

Revisiting the New Jim Crow

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Decriminalization, Mandatory Minimums, Opinion, Racial Inequality

By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp Have you ever known something to be true, and then felt that you were discovering it again for the first time? Grief can be like this: you think you have come to terms with a loss, and then realize you have not. This happened to me last week as I reread Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. What struck me was not just the absurdity and cruelty of our drug laws. It was the degree to which we have created an entire criminal justice system that conspires against those who are black, brown, and poor. All parts work in relentless sequence against whoever has been drawn in.