A Personal Note

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By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp s we launch the website for Clergy for a New Drug Policy, perhaps I might be permitted a personal note. What do we intend with this project? Why do we think it is necessary? The main purpose would seem to end the so-called War on Drugs. We have spent over $1 trillion since 1970 to fight a failed war that has turned us into a prisoner nation, divided us by race, and failed to reduce drug use or availability.  So, yes, ending the War on Drugs is what we are about. But there is a more fundamental purpose. We need to transform the culture of punishment that has afflicted our nation since its earliest days. 

Tell President Obama to Address the Addiction Crisis

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Sign this faith community letter to President Obama on the addiction crisis. Together, we can create a movement letting our nation know that addiction is preventable and treatable, that far too many of those affected have been incarcerated, and that people can and do get well.   To learn more about this issue, visit our Take Action page on Harm Reduction.  

Remove the Ban on Syringe Exchange

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Sign this online petition sponsored by The Foundation for AIDS Research to end the ban on the use of federal funds for syringe exchange programs. These programs prevent the spread of infectious diseases for drug users and help them get into treatment. To learn more about this issue, visited our Take Action page on Harm Reduction.