One Quaker’s Statement on the System of Drug Prohibition

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Eric E. Sterling is Executive Director of The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, a private non-profit educational organization that helps educate the nation about criminal justice issues.   He is a graduate of Haverford College, has been a Quaker for more than 40 years, and serves on the Ministry and Worship Committee of the Bethesda Friends Meeting.   From 1979 until 1989, he was Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary.

Law cannot change character by force.

Law and Character

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By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp When it comes to the War on Drugs, Christians have a lot to learn from Muslims. That’s the conclusion I draw from the accompanying essay by Muslim activist and writer Rabia Terri Harris. Her views should be taken seriously. They might even call those of us who identify as Christian back to the most profound truths of our own faith.

New England Methodists Challenge the War on Drugs

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Increasingly, Protestants denominations are responding to the War on Drugs, which over the past 44 years has failed to reduce drug use, damaged countless lives, and contributed to the mass incarceration that shames our country. On June 20, 2015 the New England Conference of United Methodists, comprised of over 600 congregations, passed Resolution 15-203: TO END THE WAR ON DRUGS. It is expected that the resolution will be reviewed in June 2016 by the Methodist General Conference, which meets every four years to consider changes in the Methodist Book of Discipline. We are grateful to Rev. Eric Dupee, Pastor of Crawford Memorial Church in Winchester, MA, for describing the steps he took in introducing the resolution. We applaud his leadership.

A Protestant Perspective on Drug Policy Reform

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“Clergy for a New Drug Policy” seeks to mobilize clergy across faiths in opposition to the War on Drugs, and in support of responses to drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one.  Project staff bring a Christian perspective to this project. Here the Rev. Alexander E. Sharp, Executive Director, presents a Protestant Christian view.