Take Action: Support Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Medical Marijuana, Take Action

close up of Doctors hands holding medical marijuana

This month, the Senate approved a funding bill authorizing Veterans’ Affairs healthcare providers to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option for veterans seeking care.  This bill marks a step forward in the provision of compassionate care for American servicemen and women.  Research has suggested that medical marijuana can help ease suffering related to post-traumatic stress and brain injuries, which veterans often experience.  Yet current federal law prohibits VA doctors from even discussing medical marijuana with their patients.  At present, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical use.  In these states, veterans cannot receive or even discuss medical marijuana in VA healthcare centers.

The issue now falls to the House of Representatives.  Tell your representative to support the Veterans Equal Access Act, which allows veterans the same access to medical marijuana as other citizens in their state.

Click below to contact your legislator in support of the Veterans Equal Access Act.

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