Vox.com Card Stack Offers Context for War on Drugs

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Vox.comCardStackVox.com, the sixth brand of Vox Media, launched in 2014 as “a general interest news site for the 21st century.” With the goal of providing context for the news, Vox.com has created several “Card Stacks” on topics ranging from marijuana legalization to vaccines to the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. The swipeable Stacks consistent of around 20 cards, each which provide background information on the featured topic in an accessible and understandable way.

The Card Stack entitled “Everything You Need to Know about the War on Drugs,” contains 22 cards. Each card features a question, such as “What is the War on Drugs?” or “Is the War on Drugs Racist?” or “What’s the case for legalizing drugs?” Many of these questions get at topics CNDP addresses in the FAQ, the War on Drugs Timeline, and in the Take Action sections. Nevertheless, the creative format of these cards, as well as the important information they highlight, make them useful tools for anyone interested in learning more about the War on Drugs.

Explore the Vox.com War on Drugs Card Stack, and also check out their Card Stack on Marijuana Legalization.