Religious Declaration for New Drug Policy

As voices of faith, we call for an end to the War on Drugs which the United States has waged, at home and abroad, for over 47 years. This War has failed to achieve its stated objectives; deepened divisions between rich and poor, black, white, and brown; squandered over one trillion dollars; and turned our country into a “prisoner” nation.

Background and Perspective

Over 2.1 million people are now incarcerated in the US, more than any other nation on the planet, including Russia, South Africa, and China.

The U.S. to an alarming degree manifests, as theologian Richard Snyder reminds us, a “culture of punishment.”

The U.S. to an alarming degree manifests as a “culture of punishment.”Theologian Richard Snyder

Weapons of punishment include a federal budget of over $215 billion for prisons, police and courts; mandatory minimum sentencing; seizures of property by law enforcement without due process; indiscriminate, and highly discriminatory, police sweeps as attempts to tamp down entire neighborhoods; and the privatizing of prisons. The ideology of this War is now embedded in our institutions of law enforcement and abetted politicians who fear being labeled soft on crime.

The War on Drugs when it was conceived in 1971 sought to conflate race and crime in the public mind for political purposes. This has worked. Even though drug use is roughly equivalent across ethnic groups, the vast proportion of those in jail are people of color. In 2006, one in every 15 black men was behind bars and one in every 34 Latino men, compared to one in 104 white men. As a result, young black men in most states are more likely to go to prison than college.

Faith Concerns

A spirit of punishment has been embedded in the national psyche since the earliest days of our nation. This theology of punishment is wrong and must be reversed.

Law serves many important functions. It keeps us from harming each other. But punishment in the hands of the criminal justice system to instruct personal morality results in arrests that brand people for life, even for minor possible offenses. It separates us from each other, and marginalizes individuals, most often people of color.

As clergy who oppose institutional racism, we have more than ample reason to seek alternatives to this Drug War on grounds of injustice. But our faith should take us even deeper. It should cause us to reject its very premise, based on our religious principles of compassion, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and love.

Recommendations and Next Steps

Specifically, we urge adoption of the following recommendations and next steps:

  • Expand diversion programs that offer education and treatment rather than jail for those possessing drugs who have not harmed others and require such services.
  • Promote harm reduction programs that protect individuals as they use drugs and assist them in becoming drug free.
  • Reduce collateral consequences, including restoration of eligibility for housing, food stamps, education grants, and other supports for those seeking to rebuild their lives after a conviction for low-level drug use.
  • Eliminate at the state and federal levels mandatory minimum sentences for drug possession.
  • Support clemency for individuals sentenced under prior drug laws that would not be found guilty under present law.
  • Pass medical cannabis in those states beyond the 29 that have already done so.
  • Review at the national level models in other countries, including Portugal, that have decriminalized the possession of all drugs; and develop pilot projects to test this model.
  • Pass either decriminalization, or taxation and regulation, of cannabis at the state level.
  • Revise forfeiture laws that enable police to seize property of those accused but not convicted of drug law violation.

We declare our support for these recommendations and next steps, with the collective purpose of seeking an end to the failed War on Drugs and advancing a paradigm of “health not punishment” in our society.

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Pastor Jeffrey Livings, Alabama
Pastor, First Cannabis Church


Kenny Ward, Alabama

Stephanie Shannon, Alabama

Brian White, Alabama
Administrator, United Cannabis Advocates

Laura Cooner, Alabama

Lisa Jabbour, Alabama




Rev. Warren Adams-Ockrassa, Arizona


Michael Lawhon, Arizona
Crisis Specialist / Addiction Counselor

Maureen Jo Begley, Arizona




Rev. Jim Conn, California
Retired Minister, United Methodist Church

Rev. Peter Laarman, California
Coordinator, Justice Not Jails

Randal Watson, California
Minister, Olive St. Church


Patricia Yeakley, California

Niki Wiessner, California

Amber Harris, California

Jan Oringer, California

Howard Oringer, California

Eric Anderson, California
Social Scientist,

Ephrat Livni, Esq., California

Sheri, RN, California
Cannabis Nurse, American Cannabis Nurses Association

Stacy Watson, California
Case Manager, Neighborhood Church

Akili-Hamid Khalfani, California
Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Crime Prevention, Case Manager-Christian Coach, PBP Inc.

Jolene Edwards, California
Member, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Visalia

Alison Moscoso, California



Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris, Colorado
Reverend, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango

Rev. Mark Meeks, Colorado
Minister, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church

Rev. Dr. Douglas R. Sharp, Colorado


Sallie Baker, Colorado
Member, Former Elder, Presbyterian Church USA, South Park Community Church

Joe Huggins, Colorado

Stephanie Llinas, Colorado

Audrey Marie, Colorardo


Donald DeJesus, Connecticut
Evangelist Preacher, Mystery Communion

Susan, Connecticut
Program Coordinator



Rev. Cynthia E. Robinson, Delaware
Pastor, New Ark United Church of Christ




Rev. Nancy Wilson, Florida

Rev. Stephen E. Braddock, Florida
President & CEO, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Inc.


Rev. Anita Cantrell-Davis, MDiv, Georgia
Ordained Minister & Advanced Addiction Counselor, Non-Denominational & Counseling Solutions of Chatsworth

Rev. Dean Sines, Georgia
Clergy, THC Ministry


Sharon Ravert, Georgia
Executive Director, Peachtree NORML

Kim Smith, Georgia
Peachtree NORML

LaShunne Johnson, Georgia
Positive Community Activist, Cutting Edge Ministries

Hop McIntosh, Georgia

John Shepard, Georgia

David Price, Georgia

John Scott, Georgia

David Price, Georgia

Justin Kyall, Georgia



Rev Teri Heede, Hawaii



Paul Flatt, Idaho



Rev. Al Sharp, Illinois
Director, Clergy for a New Drug Policy

Pastor Leslie K. Ritter-Jenkins, Illinois
Pastor, St. John UCC

Janice E. Spraggins, Illinois
Minister, The Congregational Church of Park Manor UCC

Rev. Dr. Tasha M. Vinson Brown, Illinois
Pastor, Galewood Community Church UCC

Rev. Jason Coulter, Illinois
Pastor, Ravenswood UCC

Rev. Wendy A. Witt, Illinois
Pastor, 1st UMC at the Chicago Temple

Rev. Kevin J. McLemore, Illinois
Pastor, Epiphany United Church of Christ

Hope Reyes, Illinois
Program Minister, Irving Park United Methodist Church

Rev. Richard Mosley Jr., Illinois
Reverend, Hemenway United Methodist Church

Rev. Barbara Peter, H.R., Illinois
Honorably Retired, Presbyterian Church USA

Rev. Roger Dart, Illinois
Associate Pastor for Justice and Witness, Congregational Church in Deerfield UCC

Drew Rindfleisch, Illinois
Pastor, San Lucas United Church of Christ

Rev. Dr. Rex E. Piercy, Illinois
Pastor, Congregational United Church of Christ

Rev. Ronnie J. Smith, Illinois
Reverend, Providence Baptist Church

Rev. Marilyn Pagán-Banks, Illinois
Executive Director and Ordained Minister, A Just Harvest, San Lucas UCC, Namasté UCC

Rev. Mark Agnini, Illinois
Reverend, Libertarian Party of Illinois

Pastor David W. Watkins III, Illinois
Senior Pastor, Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Jeffrey Mullins, Illinois
Pastor and Pastor of Operations

Rev. Laura Bradford Walker, Illinois
Pastoral Counselor, Evergreen Park Ministry

Rev. Avena Ward, Illinois
Associate Pastor, St. Pauls UCC

Rev. John Modschiedler, Illinois
Rev. Dr., Retired, Member, University Church, Chicago, IL

Rev. Daniel Dale, Illinois
Reverend, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ

Rev. Kara Wagner Sherer, Illinois
Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Wayne T. Bradley, M.M., Illinois
Pastor Emeritus, Good Shepherd Parish

Rev. Laura Sumner Truax, Illinois
Senior Pastor, LaSalle Street Church

Alli Baker, Illinois
Co-Pastor, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ

Rev. Erik Christensen, Illinois
Pastor, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square

Rev. Franklin I. Gamwell, Illinois

Rev. Stuart Barnes Jamieson, Illinois

Rev. Dr. Stanley L. Davis, Jr., Illinois
Semi-Retired United Church of Christ Clergyperson

Rev. Edward E. Goode, Illinois

Rev. H. Scott Matheney, Illinois
Chaplain and Dean of Religious Life, Elmhurst College

Rev. Alan Taylor, Illinois
Senior Minister, Unity Temple

Rev. Brenda Barnes Jamieson, Illinois

Rev. Phyllis Kersten, Illinois
Interim Assistant Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest

Rev. Kathryn Ray, Illinois
Program Coordinator, Clergy for a New Drug Policy

Rev. Patricia Campbell, Illinois
Chaplain, Hospice

Rev. Steven Shoemaker, Ph.D., Illinois
Campus Pastor Emeritus, Presbyterian Church, USA

Rev. Dr. Lee Barker, Illinois
President, Meadville Lombard Theological School (Unitarian Universalist)

Rev. Scott Wilbur, Illinois

Rev. Jonathan A Knight, Illinois
Associate Conference Minister, Illinois Conference, United Church of Christ

Rev. Emily Gage, Illinois
Minister of Faith Development, Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Oak Park

Rev. Dr. Larry L. Greenfield, Illinois and New York
Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago

Windsor S. Smyser, Bard OBOD, Illinois
Bard, Order of Bards, Ovaites, & Druids

David J. Wood, Illinois
Reverend, Glencoe Union Church

Reverend Tom Capo, Illinois
Minister, DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church

Rabbi Rachel S. Mikva, Illinois
Herman Schaalman Chair in Jewish Studies, Chicago Theological Seminary

Rev. Emily Heitzman, Illinois
Pastor with Youth and Households, Unity, Ebenezer, and Emmanuel Lutheran Churches

Rev. Sally Iberg, Illinois
Senior Pastor, Pilgrim Congregational Church

Rev. Allie Lundblad, Illinois

Rev. Teresa Smallwood, Illinois
Program Director, Israel Baptist Church

Rev. Saeed Richardson, Illinois
Pastoral Associate, St. Sabina Faith Community

Rev. Curtiss DeYoung, Illinois
Executive Director, Community Renewal Society

Rev. Rebecca Anderson, Illinois
Pastor, Glencoe Union Church

Rev. Leslie Ritter-Jenkins, Illinois
Institute for Empowering Communication

Rev. Sheryl Palmer, Illinois
Lead Pastor, Faith United Methodist Church

Rev. Denise Van Vliet, Illinois


Dr. Mary Nelson, Illinois
Executive Consultant, Parliament of the World’s Religions

Rachel Foran, Illinois
Project Coordinator, Clergy for a New Drug Policy

Nancy Brandt, Illinois
Lay Leader, St. Pauls UCC – Chicago

Gaylon Alcaraz, Illinois

Bernard S. Dyme, Illinois
President & CEO, Perspectives Ltd.

Sokoni Karanja, Illinois
Founder and Senior Advisor, Centers for New Horizons, Inc

Margaret O’Dell, Illinois

Georgia Smith, Illinois
Senior, Church Member, St Paul’s UCC

Thomaas Kenemore, Ph.D., Illinois
Associate Professor, Chicago State University, Master of Social Work Program

Bernard Lacour, Illinois

Jane Ramsey, Illinois
President, Just Ventures LLC

Betty C. Jacobs, Illinois
Retired Attorney

Garnet Fay, Illinois
Presiding Clerk, Chicago Friends Meeting (Quakers)

Elizabeth Bradner, Illinois

Julie Caise, Illinois

Todd Belcore, Illinois

Daniel Romero, Illinois
Chaplain Intern

Tiffany Williams, Illinois

John Held, Illinois

Katie Dohr, Illinois

Dan Foran, Illinois

Kimetha Dunn, Illinois

Susan Foran, Illinois
Elder, Grace Lutheran Church

Brady Harden, Illinois
Housing, Disability Advocate

D. Bannister, Illinois

Bobby Roberson, Illinois
Facility Manager

Marilynn Moisio, Illinois

Kim Whisler-Vasko, Illinois
Coordinator, United Church of Christ

Gregg Schroeder, Illinois

David J. McLaren, Illinois
Accountant, The Center for Sane Sustainable Situations

Darryl Grant, Illinois

Gary Cozette, Illinois
Program Director, Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America

Robert Taylor, Illinois
CPA–Financial Advisor

Kathy M. Bridges, Illinois
Owner of K M Medical Billing and Fiction Author, K M Medical Billing, Inc.

James E. Gierach, Illinois
Executive Board Vice Chairman, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

Jan Feldman, Illinois

Beth Fischer, Illinois

Rich Pokorny, Illinois

Ellen Wehrle, Illinois

June Witzl, Illinois

Cristy Harris, Illinois

Ray Robinson, Illinois

Harriet Roberts, Illinois

Ed Hiestand, Illinois

Hildegard Schmidt, Illinois

Ron Orzel, Illinois

Judy Baietto-Grace, Illinois

Janet Holden, Illinois

Dottie Herzel, Illinois

Rose M. Lubarski, Illinois

Jim Babcock, Illinois

Dr. Barbara F. Sherman, Illinois

Michael Johnson, Illinois

Amber Mack, Illinois

Maggie Kivisto, Illinois

Kenneth Koresch, Illinois

Nathan Mooney, Illinois

Mile Ells, Illinois

Jill Wallace, Illinois

Ruthann Fowler, Illinois

Stephanie Downs Hughes, Illinois

Dave Teliff, Illinois

Nora Zaki, Illinois
University of Chicago Divinity School

Jesse Pruitt, Illinois
University of Chicago Divinity School

Lucas Tse, Illinois
University of Chicago Divinity School

Edonna Larkens, Illinois
Director, Career Development/Financial Mathematics Program, University of Chicago

Mike Weeda, Illinois

Americia Huckabee, Illinois
University of Chicago Divinity School

Joanne Michalski, Illinois
First Unitarian Church of Chicago

Dr. Caroline Herzenberg, Illinois
Retired, Argonne National Laboratory

Keith Stuckey, Illinois

John G. Wolf, Illinois

Michael Conforti, Illinois

Irene Krull Vitullo, Illinois
Board Member, Friends of Whittier

William Bell, Illinois

Cody Suba, Illinois

Dr. Steve Balkin, Illinois
Professor Emeritus, Roosevelt University

Austin Goodman, Illinois

Shannon C. Dickens, Illinois
Cloud 9 Cafe, Lounge & Emporium LLC



Rev. Dr. Brice H. Balmer, Indiana
Assistant Professor of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary


Michael Nicholas Dovellos, Indiana
Northwest Indiana NORML

Cathy Cross, Indiana

Jennifer Barth, Indiana



Joshua O’Reilly, Iowa

Lynda Sutherland, Iowa
Ministerial Candidate, Unitarian Universalist Association

Terry Lowman, Iowa
Lead Organizer, Iowa UU Writers Advocacy Network

Calvin F. Gatch, Jr., Iowa
Farmer, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Dubuque, Iowa



Rev. David Carter, Kansas
Reverend, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita


Russ Pataky, Kansas

David H Wilkinson, Kansas
Team Saint Mark Prison Ministry Group



Pastor Mark Gamble, Kentucky
Pastor, First Cannabis Church of Kentucky


Abigail Gramig Trowbridge, Kentucky

Joshua Conder, Kentucky

Michael S. Miller, Kentucky
CEO, Bread of Life Ministries



James Griggs, Louisiana

Clay Politz, Lousiana
Director, Interdependent Missions



Denny Gallaudet, Maine
Retired School Superintendent

Donald Hutchins, Maine



Rev. Clare L. Petersberger, Maryland
Minister, The Towson Unitarian Universalist Church

Rev. Alexander F. Vishio, Maryland
Assistant Minister for Social Justice & Witness, Central Atlantic Conference-United Church of Christ

Rev. Michael C. Durst, Maryland
Minister, United Church of Christ

Rev. Chris Spruill, Maryland
Pastor, Incarnation UCC

The Rev. Wes Jamison, Maryland
Pastor, United Church of Christ

Rev. Beverly Lewis, Maryland
Reverend, United Church of Christ

Rev. Carolyn L Roberts, Maryland
Retired Clergy, United Church of Christ

Rev. Michael D. Snowden, Maryland
Retired, Black Educational AIDS Project, Inc.

Pastor Corey Connor, Maryland
Hieronymous House

Rev. Nelson R. Murphy, Maryland
Interim Pastor, First & St. Stephen’s United Church of Christ

Rev. Guy Molock, Maryland
Beloved Community Church UCC


Major Neill Franklin, Maryland
Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

Sheila Helgerson, Maryland
Executive Director, United Ministries, Inc

Isaac S. Lawson, Maryland
Minister of Visitation and Pastoral Care, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ – Washington, DC

Eric E. Sterling, Maryland
President, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

Sheila Helgerson, Maryland
Executive Director, United Ministries, Inc.

Wendall O. Holmes, Maryland
Elder, Newborn Community of Faith Church



Rev. Lee Bluemel, Massachusetts
Pastor, North Paris Church

Rev. M. Lara Hoke, Massachusetts
Reverand, Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Rev. Dr. Dorothy Emerson, Massachusetts
Minister and Consultant, Rainbow Solutions

Rev. Eric Dupee, Massachusetts
Clergy, Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church


Kaia Stern, Massachusetts
Director, Prison Studies Project – Harvard University

MacEagon Voyce, Massachusetts

Melissa Bartholomew, Massachusetts

Amanda Napior, Massachusetts

Sarah Onoroski, Massachusetts

Carl W. McCargo, Massachusetts
Treasurer, Unitarian Universalists for A Just Economic Community



Marissa Tallant, Michigan

Sondra O’Donnell, Michigan

Diane Ferguson,  Michigan

Brian Hewitt, Michigan



Rev. Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Minnesota
Chaplain, Carleton College


Melissa Voyce, Minnesota

Jerry Anderson, Minnesota

Elizabeth Lempp, Minnesota



Rev. Seth M. Walley, Mississippi
Priest, Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi


Darrell Brown, Mississippi

Stephanie Dreher, Mississippi
Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis

Becky Nations, Mississippi
Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis

Steven Barber, Mississippi

Matt South, Mississippi

William Beckwith, Mississippi
Retired University Professor



Bill Smeathers, Missouri

Deborah Hart Yemm, Missouri

Brett Denbow, Missouri



Rev. Patricia Callaghan, Montana



David Swarts, Nebraska
Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis



Rev. Steven Derrick, Nevada
Chaplain and Licensed Addictions Counselor, My Journey Home

New Hampshire

New Jersey  


Rev. Robin Bacon Hoffman, New Jersey

Rev. Chuck Rush, New Jersey
Senior Minister, Christ Church

Rev. Julie Yarborough, New Jersey
Associate Pastor, Christ Church – Summit NJ

Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea, New Jersey
Senior Minister, First Congregational Church UCC – Westfield, NJ

Brother Justin Escher Alpert, New Jersey
Caregiver, The Public Advocacy

Rev. Nathan Busker, New Jersey
Senior Pastor, Ponds Reformed Church


Carol Katz Beyer, New Jersey
Co-Founder, Vice-President, Families for Sensible Drug Policy

Paul Rubin, New Jersey

Christopher Beall, New Jersey

New Mexico


Rev. Elizabeth Bueschel, New Mexico
Ordained Minister, Retired

Rev. Pablo Alfredo Paiz, New Mexico
Universal Life Church


Kandice Watson, New Mexico

David Bueschel, New Mexico

New York  


Rev. Pat Bumgardner, New York
Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Churches

Rev. Tenrai Fred Forsythe, New York
Zen Buddhist Monk, Zen Studies Society

Rev. Allison Palm, New York
Program Assistant, Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association

Joel Levenson, New York
Rabbi, Midway Jewish Center

Alex Grey, New York
Minister and Co-Founder, CoSM – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Rabbi Jonah Geffen, New York

Rev. Stacey Midge, New York
Associate Minister, First Reformed Church of Schenectady

Rev. Sharon Manning-Lew, New York
St. Augustine Episcopal Church


Tom Angell, New York

Rick Lee Roll, New York

Kadzi Mutizwa, New York

Jenna Lamparski, New York

Steve Clement, New York

North Carolina


Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss, North Carolina
Co-Pastor, Land of the Sky UCC

Rev. James C. Colvin, North Carolina
Pastoral Counselor

Rev. Skip Snyder, North Carolina
Board Certified Chaplain, Land of the Sky United Church of Christ

Rev. Kathryn Cartledge, North Carolina
Retired, Land of the Sky UCC. – Asheville, NJ

Rev. James Sizemore, North Carolina
Senior Pastor, Radiant Church


Rhonda E. Johnson, Jr., North Carolina
Retired UCC Clergy, Land of the Sky UCC

Jason Draper, North Carolina

Gail Williams, North Carolina

North Dakota



Rev. Aaron Maurice Saari, Ohio
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs

Rev. Alan K. Mooney, Ohio
Minister, Society of Thinking Christians


Lori Brannon, Ohio

Garry Wilson, Ohio

Donna McCollum, Ohio

George Ferris, Ohio

Velva Hinkle, Ohio

Daniel Tagum, Ohio



Rev. Bobby Griffith, Oklahoma
Pastor, City Presbyterian Church – OKC


Loyd Nolen Dunaway, M.Div, Oklahoma



Nils Johanson, Ontario
Broadcaster and addiction counselor, People Helping People



Rev. Kerry Grogan, Oregon

Rev. Sue Matranga-Watson, Oregon
Community Minister, Eastrose Fellowship

Christopher Sohl, Oregon
Youth Minister, UCC


Roy Kaufmann, Oregon
Co-founder, Le’Or — Illuminating Jewish Perspectives on Drug Policy Reform

Linda Kinnaman, Oregon
Member, Assembly of God Church

David Evans, Oregon



Naomi Christine Leapheart, Pennsylvania

Rev. Randy Bush, Pennsylvania
Pastor, East Liberty Presbyterian Church


Bruce Goldman, Pennsylvania

Sunny Ranck, Pennsylvania

Joshua Hessom, Pennsylvania

John Hargreaves, Pennsylvania
Volunteer Director, Pennsylvania Prison Society

Ruth Thomas, Pennsylvania
Outreach Community Activist, The Buds of Promise

Rhode Island  


Rev. Robert T. Brooks, Rhode Island
Episcopal Church

Rev. Gene Dyszlewski, Rhode Island
Community Minister, First Unitarian Providence

Rev. Harry Rix, Rhode Island
Pastor, American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island

Rev. James Keller, Rhode Island
Retired Presbyterian Minister

Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson, Rhode Island
Chaplain, Brown University

Rev. Jamie Washam, Rhode Island
American Baptist Minister


Timothy Waters, Rhode Island

John Schenck, Rhode Island

South Carolina


WT Clark, South Carolina
Southern Baptist

South Dakota



Eugene Bolton, Tennessee
Wedding Minister, Swag Weddings


Jennifer Miller, LPC-MHSP, Tennessee
Licensed Professional Counselor

Steven Lucas, Tennessee

Vivian Kay Sloan, Tennessee

Charles Gibson, Tennessee



Rev. Nell Newton, Texas

The Rev. Dr. Jon Burnham, Texas

Annette Anderson, Texas

Rev. Adrian Perez, Texas


Tommy Rigsby, Texas

Keith A. Reagan, Texas

Michael Spell, Texas

Zecharyah Five, Texas

Deborah Bohne, Texas

Steven Murray, Texas

Darrel Rhyne, Texas

Stephen Vestal, Texas
CEO, Vestal Investments

Thomas Fullerton, Texas

Catherine K. Hinton, Texas

John Childress, Texas

Chuck Kennedy, Texas

Tony Espinosa, Texas

Janice LaFlower, Texas

Lysia Gilmore, Texas

Jason B. Bunch, Texas

Shane Jackson, Texas

Brian Statesman, Texas

Joel Maxwell, Texas

Keith Reagan, Texas

James Ketterman, Texas

Jackie Newberry, Texas

Arthur Mayer, Texas

Lindsey McCalmont, Texas

Ken Larsen, Texas

Thomas Fullerton, Texas

Bette Davis, Texas

Michael Byrum, Texas


Mary Ellen Sullivan, Utah



Rev. Ken White, Vermont
Pastor, College Street Congregational Church

Rev. Sally May, Vermont
Interim Minister, First Congregational Church of Burlington

Rev. Debbie Ingram, Vermont
Executive Director, Vermont Interfaith Action

Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy, Vermont
Consulting Minister, Springfield Unitarian Universalist Church

Rev. Bert Marshall, Vermont
Centre Congregational Church UCC

Rev. Jeremy Kirk, Vermont
First Congregational Church of West Brattleboro

Rev. Abigail Stockman, Vermont
Developmental Minister, First Church in Barre-Universalist

Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Vermont
Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Rev. Kim Kie, Vermont
Hedding United Methodist Church

Rev. Barnaby Feder, Vermont
Champaign Valley Unitarian Universalist Society

Rev. Elissa Johnk, Vermont
Senior Pastor, The Old Meeting House

Rev. Peggy Yingst, Vermont
Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church

Cantor Kate Judd, Vermont
Spiritual Leader, Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

Rev. Peter Plagge, Vermont
Waterbury Congregational Church


Roy V. Hill, II, Vermont
President, Vermont Ecumenical Council & Bible Society



Rev. Dr. Jerrold L. Foltz, Virginia
Pastor Emeritus, Wellspring United Church of Christ – Centreville, Virginia

Rev. Melinda Reed, Virginia
Reverend, United Church of Christ

Rev. Carlos M Verestin, Virginia
Licensed Christian Pastoral Counselor, National Christian Counselor Association (NCCA) 1994

Rev. Dr. Jim Bundy, Virginia
Retired Pastor, Member of Sojourners United Church of Christ, Charlottesville, Virginia

Rev. Carlos M. Verestin, Virginia


Barrod Jones, Virginia

Crystal Lewis, Virginia

Colleen Porter, Virginia



Rev. Val Metropoulos, Washington
Pastor, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church 


Jane O’Dell, Washington

Amy Elkins, Washington

William Gardner, Washington

Lori Jackson, Washington
People for Medical Cannabis

Washington D.C. 


Rev. Dr. Kwame Abayomi, Washington D.C.
CEO, UMOJA Village, Inc.

Rabbi Jeffrey A. Kahn, Washington D.C.
Rabbi, Takoma Wellness Center

The Rev. Karen S. Byrne, M.Div., J.D., District of Columbia
Reverend, United Church of Christ


Amos Irwin, Washington D.C.
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Jodie Allen, Washington D.C.
Retired Former Journalist

West Virginia


Rev. John Wires, West Virginia

Mary Nichols, West Virginia
Ordained Minister



Rev. Jason Mack, Wisconsin
First Baptist Church


Amy Barlow Liberatore, Wisconsin
Lay Music Minister, United Church of Christ

Brenda Groehler, Wisconsin

Adam Sunde, Wisconsin



James D. Lofton, Wyoming