Tell President Obama to Address the Addiction Crisis

rforan8 Harm Reduction, Take Action

Sign this faith community letter to President Obama on the addiction crisis. Together, we can create a movement letting our nation know that addiction is preventable and treatable, that far too many of those affected have been incarcerated, and that people can and do get well.

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To learn more about this issue, visit our Take Action page on Harm Reduction.


Take Action: Support Clemency for Prisoners of War on Drugs

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Clemency, Take Action

Reduce mandatory minimums

When President Obama granted clemency to 46 prisoners in July, it was the largest presidential pardon since the 1960s.  Still, many more Americans remain incarcerated for nonviolent drug crimes.  The Fair Sentencing Act, which reduced drug sentencing disparities, does not help those already incarcerated.  The Drug Policy Alliance is mobilizing supporters to reach out to President Obama to advocate on behalf of these individuals.

Contact President Obama today to use his power of clemency to free more prisoners of the Drug War.

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A Protestant Perspective on Drug Policy Reform

Rev. Alexander E. Sharp Protestant Perspectives

“Clergy for a New Drug Policy” seeks to mobilize clergy across faiths in opposition to the War on Drugs, and in support of responses to drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one.  Project staff bring a Christian perspective to this project. Here the Rev. Alexander E. Sharp, Executive Director, presents a Protestant Christian view.

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End Civil Asset Forfeiture

rforan8 Ending Forfeiture Seizure, Take Action

Through this Drug Policy Alliance online form, tell your member of Congress to support the FAIR Act and roll back the drug war by ending civil asset forfeiture.

To learn more about this issue, visit our Take Action page on Reforming Forfeiture Laws.


Support The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act

rforan8 Take Action, Tax and Regulate

Through this Marijuana Policy Project online form, ask your representative to sponsor legislation to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol at the federal level.

To learn more about this issue, visit our Take Action page on Tax and Regulate.