Restorative Justice in Jewish Perspective

Throw the [Good] Book at Them: Changing the Conversation about Justice

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Restorative Justice in Jewish PerspectiveOur guest blogger, Rabbi Dr. Rachel S. Mikva, is the Herman Schaalman Chair in Jewish Studies at Chicago Theological Seminary and Director of the Center for Jewish, Christian and Islamic Studies.

Suddenly there’s bipartisan enthusiasm for criminal justice reform. Forty years after liberal and conservative forces joined to restrict discretionary sentencing, thirty years after launching a futile war on drugs, twenty years after a Democratic president signed the “three strikes” law, the winds are shifting. It is still politically dangerous to be seen as soft on crime, but “smart on crime” is in. We now talk about public safety rather than law and order.

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Clemency: An Alternative for Illinois

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clemencyOur guest blogger is Jeanne Bishop, assistant public defender at Cook County Public Defender’s Office, adjunct professor of law at Northwestern, author of Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy and Making Peace with My Sister’s Killer (Westminster John Knox Press) and a member of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago.

On February 11, 2015, newly-inaugurated Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner did a bold and widely-applauded act: he issued an executive order designed to solve a serious problem facing the State. That problem: mass incarceration.

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A Muslim Perspective on Drug Policy Reform

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Muslim Perspectives

Muslim faith perspectiveRabia Terri Harris is the founder and director of the Muslim Peace Fellowship, the first Muslim organization specifically devoted to the theory and practice of Islamic nonviolence.  

In the Name of Allah All-Beneficent Most Merciful

It is well known that in Islam, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. It is less well known that it was not always prohibited. The earliest companions of the Prophet drank wine – as the whole society around them drank wine – as a matter of course. It was only later in the evolution of the community, after trust in God and an aspiration to character development had become better established in the hearts of the faithful, that this particular refinement of behavior was introduced.

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Faith-Based Response to Drug Policy

Upcoming Event: A Conversation with Rev. Alexander Sharp in Baltimore

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Events

Join CNDP Executive Director Rev. Alexander Sharp for a special event in Baltimore on Friday, November 13.  The conversation will focus upon drug policy that rehabilitates, rather than incarcerates, and why people of faith should support such policy.

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Ending the Drug War, Healing Our Communities

Upcoming Event: Clergy, Police, and Doctors Coming Together in Providence to End the Drug War

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Events

Join CNDP in Rhode Island on Saturday, December 5, as clergy, doctors, and police come together to speak out, end the Drug War, and present a new vision for our communities. 

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