A Muslim Perspective on Drug Policy Reform

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Muslim Perspectives

Muslim faith perspectiveRabia Terri Harris is the founder and director of the Muslim Peace Fellowship, the first Muslim organization specifically devoted to the theory and practice of Islamic nonviolence.  

In the Name of Allah All-Beneficent Most Merciful

It is well known that in Islam, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. It is less well known that it was not always prohibited. The earliest companions of the Prophet drank wine – as the whole society around them drank wine – as a matter of course. It was only later in the evolution of the community, after trust in God and an aspiration to character development had become better established in the hearts of the faithful, that this particular refinement of behavior was introduced.

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Law cannot change character by force.

Law and Character

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Decriminalization, Opinion, Protestant Perspectives

By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp

When it comes to the War on Drugs, Christians have a lot to learn from Muslims. That’s the conclusion I draw from the accompanying essay by Muslim activist and writer Rabia Terri Harris. Her views should be taken seriously. They might even call those of us who identify as Christian back to the most profound truths of our own faith.

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Reduce mandatory minimums

Take Action: Reduce Mandatory Minimums

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Mandatory Minimums, Take Action

Reduce mandatory minimums
Clergy for a New Drug Policy opposes the harsh mandatory minimums  that have radically increased the number of Americans in prison for non-violent offenses.   We are excited to report that a bipartisan group of senators has crafted legislation that would reduce mandatory minimums.  The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 would help reverse the “tough on crime” policies that have dramatically increased the nation’s prison population and disproportionately incarcerated people of color.

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