Take Action: Support Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

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Clergy for a New Drug Policy believes in treating drug use as a public health issue, rather than a criminal one.  The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act provides funding to expand treatment programs for those struggling with addiction, as well as prevention programs for those at risk.  This is a key piece of legislation that treats drug users with compassion, not punishment.

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Take Action: End Asset Forfeiture

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Take Action

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Forfeiture law permits the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), along with state and local police departments, to seize property merely on the grounds that it may have been connected to a crime. In drug cases, assets seized might include a home in which sale is merely suspected, or a car in which drugs might have been transported. For example: If an individual gives a ride to a friend who, unbeknownst to her, is carrying cocaine, the government can legally seize her car.   The only recourse left to the owner is to sue the government. If she is unsuccessful, the government can sell her car and use the money to support further drug investigations. Drug forfeiture laws provide a sinister incentive for the War on Drugs to continue.

 Contact your legislator today to encourage them to take action to end civil asset forfeiture.

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Prayer vigil

Non-Violent Protests in Chicago

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Racial Inequality

non-violent protest at Chicago Police Headquarters

Protest and Prayer Vigil, Chicago Police Headquarters, November 30, 2015

By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp

Since the release of a video showing Laquan McDonald being gunned down by police in the streets of Chicago, the atmosphere in the city has been a mixture of disbelief, tension, and even fear.  But at the same time, something remarkable has happened.  Public demonstrations have been peaceful. The protesters, though determined, have conducted themselves with discipline and restraint.Read More

Take Action: Support Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana

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close up of Doctors hands holding medical marijuana

This month, the Senate approved a funding bill authorizing Veterans’ Affairs healthcare providers to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option for veterans seeking care.  This bill marks a step forward in the provision of compassionate care for American servicemen and women.  Research has suggested that medical marijuana can help ease suffering related to post-traumatic stress and brain injuries, which veterans often experience.  Yet current federal law prohibits VA doctors from even discussing medical marijuana with their patients.  At present, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical use.  In these states, veterans cannot receive or even discuss medical marijuana in VA healthcare centers.

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The New Jim Crow

Revisiting the New Jim Crow

Rev. Katherine B. Ray Decriminalization, Mandatory Minimums, Opinion, Racial Inequality

The New Jim Crow

By Rev. Alexander E. Sharp

Have you ever known something to be true, and then felt that you were discovering it again for the first time? Grief can be like this: you think you have come to terms with a loss, and then realize you have not. This happened to me last week as I reread Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

What struck me was not just the absurdity and cruelty of our drug laws. It was the degree to which we have created an entire criminal justice system that conspires against those who are black, brown, and poor. All parts work in relentless sequence against whoever has been drawn in.

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